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Authoring a Career: Why Write?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? More aptly, is it a choice?

For some, writing is a vocation. For others, it’s a career. For most, it’s a struggle. I’m eager to explore the reasons behind our love of the written word and how we, as modern writers, can make it in the digital age. So, why write?

Word up!

From a personal perspective, my own relationship with writing goes back to the very first word I ever spoke. Turning the pages of an animal book, read frequently to me by my mother, I gurgled out the bear cub’s ‘‘rawr”, found on the very last page. Just to prove a point, she turned the page over once again and I repeated the trick. 


At least that’s how the family legend goes. 


Reading formed a significant part of my childhood, both at school and in the home. Although very much a privilege—the national average of adult literacy is reported to be just 9 years old—I can’t help but wonder how much of an effect this early exposure has had on my career choices.


Not all writers, however, come from such fortunate backgrounds. F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, was kicked out of school. Agatha Christie, meanwhile, struggled ‘terribly’ with writing and spelling… but if these literary luminaries were born without natural prodigious talent, it begs the question, why write?

Foundation of communication

Working for a digital content marketing agency, at Linguakey, we’re all writers by trade and, more importantly, by choice. Closest to home, I asked my colleagues what inspired them to pick up the pen, laptop or other form of writing material. 

The responses returned were not only varied, but strikingly different. Annabel and Lauren, for example, see writing as a ‘driver for change’ and a place to develop new knowledge around inclusivity and diversityparticularly in LGBTQ and non-binary culture.

Rebecca cited her ‘love of process’, and the satisfaction involved with building a successful career from what started as a vocation. For Jeremy, it’s the ‘literary challenge of threading complex ideas together’.

Myself? Well, I’m still that same story lover, though I must admit to rarely gurgling ‘rawr’ these days. Sorry, mum. As a not-too-far-from-middle-age adult, I find the gaps between words fascinating. For such a quiet place, it’s often deafening.

Although so much can be said without speaking, in fact, one of writing’s most recognisable cliches is ‘show, don’t tell,’ it’s in our nature to converse in words. On the bus. In a bar. At work. Talking, and equally listening, is what brings us together. Through education, and not simply in an academic sense, our words can change the world.

Choosing the write path

OK, time for a little myth-busting. While my own novel remains the greatest book that was never written—don’t all writers think this way?— it’s unlikely that I’ll be hitting the Forbes Rich List any time soon. Please interpret ‘any time’ as ‘never’.

Perhaps I’m being a little harsh on myself. In fact, most writers simply want to get published, with little to no expectation about financial reward. The truth is though, writing doesn’t always mean authoring the next bestseller and many options are available for budding wordsmiths to earn a living.


Welcome to copywriting!


I’ll use Linguakey as an example. We’re a digital content marketing agency with a key interest in tech firms, cryptocurrencies and fintechs. Our copywriting solutions are designed to help. As our clients vary, we’re expanding our education both as a business and as people every day. Case in point, I don’t think I’d ever used the word ‘metaverse’ prior to my first day. Now, it’s a key term that forms a significant part of my vocabulary.

Fundamentally, I’m a writer. That’s my job. This is my work. Balancing words, narrative and tech is my daily grind. Pushing the big red button on my mental blender (just to clarify, I’m talking about my internal thought process, not a crazed kitchen appliance) is what brings it all together. Most of the time. 

I can even explain what ‘metaverse’ means. Well, as well as anyone can.

Keys to unlocking your content

Like people, every business has an identity. To know your customers, you need to know yourself. Our digital content marketing agency is dedicated to understanding company values and developing a clear strategy for all your content needs.

At Linguakey, we’re writers by choice. Unlock your content today, and let your business find its voice.


Oh, and metaverse means…




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