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Aligning Brand Services with Ambitious Growth Goals for A Digital Assets Platform

An all-in-one decentralised exchange platform, AXL Token’s ambitious expansion goals and brand alignment to match their direction and services. 

Good things often come from small beginnings. Providing an all-in-one digital assets platform, including an NFT marketplace, a decentralised exchange (DEX), and lending and borrowing services, AXL Token went through a period of rapid expansion in 2022. Keen to capitalise on their success, AXL developed ambitious business goals and projects to achieve their NFT and demo objectives, in line with their 2023 metaverse roadmap.

To enable AXL Token to continue on their upward trajectory, Linguakey provided a suite of brand-aligned services that meant ambitious projects could soon become fully realised goals.

The Challenge

Following an eighteen month period of great success, AXL Token’s expansion plans were greatly accelerated. Despite their impressive growth, AXL was suddenly faced with the need to develop and roll out new and improved marketing and branding projects to investors, key stakeholders, and their community—and quickly.

Beyond internally interested parties, AXL also faced the external challenge of having to communicate with their already established community, while attracting new business in the shape of future users and AXL Token purchasers.

Facing the prospect of tight deadlines, resource availability, and the necessity to deliver projects that not only met previous brand standards but exceeded them, AXL turned to Linguakey to help support and achieve their business goals.

The Solution

Our first objective was to review the current AXL Token website and whitepaper, in addition to making critical recommendations. To understand the current operational standards and identify AXL’s core mantra, we held strategic deep-dive workshops with the leadership team.

By understanding the ambitious goals AXL had set themselves, Linguakey was able to work backwards—creating content that appealed to internal investors, existing customers, and potential leads.

Taking our review findings onboard, we began to plan each independent section of what would eventually become AXL’s updated whitepaper and website. This included writing detailed and accurate sections relating to the major products and services that AXL Token offered, or intended to offer, such as explaining the difference between centralised and decentralised exchanges to support their own DEX, their own digital asset coin, AXL’s INU ecosystem, and their metaverse game roadmap.

Having successfully partnered with a number of clients operating within the digital asset industry, Linguakey was well-matched to take any complex and technical language and distil iit into accessible and jargon-free content.

As part of the overall writing process, we also created a highly detailed ‘Executive Summary’. This feature, written in the style of thought-leadership, not only described the brand’s foundation and mission, it helped position AXL’s CEO and Founder, Asser Fazwi, as an industry leader and provided further content to be distributed on AXL’s website and social media platforms.

The Result

As a result of their huge growth and success, AXL’s digital coin can be purchased from major CEX’s (centralised exchange), such as Coinbase and Binance.

Working together, our partnership resulted in an updated company whitepaper—a cornerstone document of any project and a key way to communicate AXL’s growth and expansion plans to investors, future users, and their existing customers.

Pinned to their Twitter account as headline content, AXL’s white paper is accessible to 140k direct followers, not to mention the wider social media community. There’s also 33k users currently signed up to AXL’s active community groups, such as Telegram.

As a brand, AXL remains on track with their ambitious roadmap and are well-positioned for future success.

Asser Fawzi, CEO and Founder, commented that “we worked with Linguakey as strategic partners. They helped us with writing a new website and whitepaper, and started working on our marketing campaign. We have plans to work together on an upcoming project that’ll help us launch fiat into the decentralised world. Awesome, thank you Linguakey.”

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