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Baanx: Marketing Digital Finance Through Conversion-Driven Content

Financial services provider Baanx partnered with Linguakey to drive sales through enhanced content marketing and organic traffic.


Baanx are a British, digital financial services and blockchain firm, providing platform infrastructure for fintech and DeFi brands. Founded in 2018, Baanx’s ground-breaking technology was developed with one clear goal in mind—to resolve a key industry problem: the distinct lack of solutions to support digital assets in traditional banking. 


Traditional banking typically refers to brick and mortar financial institutions, as opposed to the fast-paced and flexible methods offered through digital means. With the majority of traditional banks yet to adopt digital asset-based solutions, Baanx set out to influence innovation in the financial sector and provide bespoke B2B financial services to their customers.


The fintech industry continues to scale at a rapid pace, with around 26,000 fintech startup businesses registered worldwide in 2022—an increase of 14,000 like-minded companies in just three years. With such a strong market appetite, innovative fintech technology has emerged as one of the most sought after solutions in the finance sector.


Baanx provides a range of financial technologies including virtual and physical debit cards, white-label user apps, digital wallets, virtual IBANs, TextBit, CrypDrafts, FX, digital payment gateways, alongside their flagship digital asset services. Partnering with Tezos, a leading blockchain provider, Baanx launched their platform B2B2C application and native token, BXX, in 2021.


To drive sales and enhance their organic traffic, Baanx set out to find an expert agency capable of delivering a focused SEO strategy built upon high-quality content and effective campaigns—enter Linguakey.


The Challenge 

Andreas Kapsos, Director of Brand Marketing, reached out to Linguakey with the sole aim of increasing Baanx’s inbound customer engagement through organic web traffic. With most sales conversions having taken place through offline B2B marketing, Baanx sought to reshape their digital presence into a powerful branding tool capable of reaching customers worldwide. 


With the fintech industry advancing so quickly, we faced a significant challenge in increasing Baanx’s immediate visibility and establishing the brand as a market leader. To achieve this, effective SEO-driven copy was needed to push Baanx’s website towards the right target demographic—financial businesses looking to expand their digital asset services and widen their customer portfolio, as well as businesses looking to incorporate financial services into their tech stack and user experience. 


The Solution 

To expand Baanx’s inbound funnel and increase sales potential, Linguakey developed and delivered a detailed content marketing strategy across a 12 month period.


As part of our strategy, we created regular, brand aligned, and SEO-targeted content to drive traffic to the Baanx website, with our features focused upon maximising customer web-activity (search history and bounce rates) and industry keywords. Linguakey also published thought leadership posts on third-party fintech websites to promote the community profile of Chief Revenue Officer Sean Salloux and position Baanx as a visible industry leader within the fintech sector.


Furthermore, we developed effective copy for Baanx’s social media campaigns—designed specifically to increase sales enablement. This copy included press releases for third-party websites, product information and update posts, and digital write-ups from live customer-facing Q&A sessions.


During our partnership, Baanx successfully launched their native token: BXX. To market the coin to the correct audience, and boost awareness within the digital asset market, Linguakey devised a short, high-energy marketing campaign made up of SEO-focused set pieces, specific webpage content and appropriate social media posts. 


The Result

Applying a considered and precise strategy to Baanx’s marketing communications, Linguakey not only increased brand awareness but implemented sustainable processes to benefit Baanx and their consumers in both the long and short term. 


Our approach to top-of-funnel content resulted in Baanx’s domain authority score increasing by 35 points during the course of our 12 month partnership. Today, successfully ranks for hundreds of keywords, with 1,000s of do-follow backlinks.


Baanx’s Chief Revenue Officer, Sean Salloux, was more than impressed with our content campaign, saying: “Knowledgeable, insightful, reliable. Linguakey have produced regular B2B content for Baanx over the course of 2021 and have actively managed our content calendar. Their work covers a range of informative, newsworthy, and engagement pieces across the fintech space including long-form, social, SEO targeted, and ads copy. Their work is an invaluable part of the Baanx comms mix.”


Get your fintech brand in front of the right people with Linguakey

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