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Content That Converts: How to Write An Ebook

Find out how to boost your campaigns and generate leads with ebooks that drive conversion. 

Business ebooks connect you with customers and demonstrate your industry expertise. On top of this, they act as lead magnets and give you the ability to request client information, particularly name and email address, prior to download—generating opportunity and potential conversion. Additionally, as part of your inbound marketing funnel, an ebook allows you to demonstrate your business values and services to both new and existing customers. It’s no wonder that Netline named an ebook as the best B2B marketing tool there is. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of adding an ebook to your comms, content expectations, and how to write an ebook.

Your words are your bond

An ebook’s main benefit is capturing user contact information and providing value to your target audience. There are an array of other benefits that’ll pique your interest.


Before you learn how to write an ebook, let’s look at the benefits on offer.


Boost business leads

The biggest benefit of all. Ebooks are a great way to generate leads and increase your email marketing numbers. Users signing up for your ebook shows you they’re interested, and as they provide you with their details to sign up with, you can reach out to them directly to connect.


Establish authority and demonstrate expertise

You can create something valuable for your customers. By demonstrating your industry expertise, you establish your brand’s credibility. 


In-depth solutions

You can provide detailed answers to your customers’ search questions. Plus, you have the floor to show how your company, regardless of stature, can provide a solution or new opportunity for prospective customers. Nothing is left to chance and the customer is given a clear understanding of what they will receive by using the services described.


Multi-functional content

With modern platforms using a variety of media including video, audio, and social short-form, content can be repurposed to fit many different formats. Whether a social media or blog post, content from your ebook can be recycled as part of future campaigns.


Marketing without the sales pitch

Ebooks allow for client case studies to be interwoven into the business narrative, demonstrating your brand’s capabilities and sharing positive client experiences. Solving real-life issues proves how a business can overcome industry challenges and reinforces the services on offer.


As you know by now, learning how to write an ebook at a key stage in your buyer journey will bring substantial benefits to your business by engaging customers with quality marketing content that can serve a multitude of purposes


Now you know why it’s worth investing in learning how to write an ebook, let’s look at how you can get started.

Put your best foot forward

An ebook is designed with customers in mind—capturing contact information and adding value are the two key elements that will shape the content your ebook will contain. This content can be further tailored by industry, tone of voice and business identity. For example, a B2B SaaS ebook is likely to be professional in design, contain technical terminology and appeal to service companies aiming for scalable growth. 


A good preparation exercise can be to sit down, either individually or collectively, and articulate your ideas and how to best present them. They may include:



Include the very best you have to offer and offer up genuine examples of exemplary client work that made a real difference. For example, this might be organic website traffic increasing due to SEO-related content, or a rise in customer conversions as a result of improved strategy (if you’re in the marketing gig like we are, of course).


What sets your brand apart

Customers reading your ebooks are considering your products and brand prior to making a commitment. Usually, they have a specific problem and are in need of a viable solution.


For example, a fintech such as a banking aggregator may look to optimise marketing efforts with brand-aligned content for its website. By showcasing effective thought leadership in its ebook, you can position yourself as an industry expert.


Mission and ethos

An ebook needs to embody the spirit of your business. By clearly defining your goal—and explaining the ‘why’—clients will resonate with your vision. A clear sign of a successful ebook is showcasing company values and culture.


Readers want relevant industry content that highlights the very of what your business has to offer. Support your services with examples, testimonials and statistics, and describe your must-have solution that isn’t available anywhere else. As part of your research, you can always check out the competition or even use a trusted content marketing agency (like Linguakey!) to create your ebook for you.

Informed industry research

You’re an expert in your field, so you’ll know the ins and outs of the industry, and equally how they affect your users. Use your expert insights to position your business as a market leader by providing clear value to customers via your ebook.


Understanding your solution also means understanding your problem. Remember to highlight key industry pain points and how your services provide an effective and efficient fix—not just for today, but longer term, too.


There’s also a benefit in assessing what your competitors are up to. This may include services, processes, and comms. Don’t just focus on the positives, though. Ineffective brand design or muddied messages, for example, are lessons to learn from.


Once you’ve got all the information you need, including case studies, you’re almost ready to start. Don’t forget about SEO! An ebook is a perfect opportunity to improve your online search ranking, alongside generating business leads.

Climbing the ranks

Maximise your SEO efforts with an ebook. By conducting all your SEO research in advance—identifying keywords and frequent user search patterns—you can improve the chances of landing a top SERP (search engine results page) spot. The higher you rank, the more accessible you’ll be to clients and drive traffic to your website.


Applying a main SEO keyword consistently through the ebook will help achieve this. For example, a website needing to increase organic web traffic would use an industry-focused SEO keyword that has a high search volume and isn’t too difficult to rank for. Additional keyword alternatives can also be added throughout the ebook. SEO is always best used in moderation. Although there’s no hard rule, standard practice is to generally distribute 1 keyword in every 100 words.


New to SEO? Read our SEO for Copywriting: Eight Essential Rules to Follow in 2022 for more useful tips about optimising your content.


With your research complete, it’s time to start writing.

Write here, write now

It’s not about how much you’re writing, it’s more about what you’re writing that matters. While length and style may vary, what can’t be compromised on is quality. Successful ebooks generate leads and provide value to customers—but they also enhance, educate, and entertain as you’ll see below.



There are two ways your business will be enhanced with an ebook. First, by creating a lead magnet to capture user contact information and drive campaign figures. Second, to provide key information to transform potential customers into agreed partnerships.



Users reading your ebook are likely to be interested in the services you have to offer. Through up-to-date and accurate information, supported by case study examples and statistical results, your ebook can showcase the very best of your business—including solutions that go above and beyond what the reader initially came looking for.



Engaging content keeps users involved from start to finish. As for lead generation, no ebook is likely to be successful if it’s cast aside halfway through. One way to keep your content fresh is through tone. For example, where a fintech brand may use a sleek and authoritative message to demonstrate business acumen, a university on the other hand, will likely rely on modern phrases and more relaxed wording to appeal to their target audience.


Enhancing, educating, and entertaining your readers can go a long way in turning those clicks into customer conversions. Sure, it’s your content that matters—but don’t overlook the design element.

Judging an ebook by its cover

Visual appeal is in the eye of the beholder. How your ebook looks, in terms of design, imagery and layout, will immediately shape the perception of your business in the mind of your reader. Part of the ebook process involves creating a successful, visual aspect that elevates your brand and ties into your image. 


These elements can include:


The cover

A clear, appropriate and identifiable design will immediately set the tone of your marketing. If customers aren’t engaged at first sight, they’re unlikely to start reading.


Design and layout

Successful design builds successful connections. Consistent design throughout the ebook reinforces your brand image, building user association, while an effective layout improves readability and can be used to highlight key details.


Strategically placed imagery

Breaking up text with charts, stats and graphs can make information easier to digest. Not all customers want to consume word-only content, so by including more variety, you’ll become more accessible.


Now that you’ve put the finishing touches on your ebook, let’s look at the last piece of the puzzle: nurturing clicks into customers.


Content that converts

Once you’ve finished writing your ebook, what’s next on the list? Well, it’s time to start reaping those hard-earned rewards. Through effective promotion, across your website, newsletter, organic SEO traffic, and social media platforms, you can start to funnel users into your marketing strategy and start transforming clicks into conversions.


Let’s look at four easy ways to begin marketing your ebook.


Website banner

Having a banner across your website instantly informs visitors that your ebook is available for download, driving lead magnet generation. 


Mention your ebook in your CTAs

When publishing content, whether a blog post or marketing newsletter, you can direct readers towards your ebook as part of your call to action (CTA). Not only does this encourage lead generation, but it also shepherds traffic to your website.


Share with existing clients

Staying in touch with existing clients keeps the relationship between customers and businesses ongoing. By sharing an up-to-date ebook, you can showcase success and even services that may not have previously been available. Trusted clients might even provide professional feedback or share with partners—generating new leads.


Social media promotion

Social media is a powerful tool—every ‘like’ and ‘share’ pushes your content towards a wider audience. To maximise your ebook’s visibility, be sure to promote it across all your social media platforms.


With an ebook, you’re proving your business value to any potential customers and driving future sales—through lead generation. An ebook is a significant investment, but that doesn’t mean it needs to distract you from your busy schedule. That’s where we come in.

Our expertise. Your content

At Linguakey, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best in content marketing. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic and highly accessible content that attracts, engages, and converts to achieve scalable growth. 


Our Services include ebook creation, lead generation and strategy, in addition to SEO-optimised content. Get in touch with us today and unlock your content.

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