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Copywriting Tips: How To Turn Your Blogs into Social Media Posts

Enhance your social media marketing by transforming your great content into social media posts. Read our copywriting tips to find out how!

Have you written an incredible blog post that you’re really proud of? Well, here’s one of our copywriting tips: you can take that post and reuse it for your social media marketing. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you’re creating social media posts. Sure, there’s always value in new and fresh content, but you can make amazing social media posts from the content you’ve already created.


When you’ve got a business blog, you can reuse the great content you’ve already written. But why and how?

Why should you repurpose your content?

As a copywriter, you’re likely to have written for a content campaign, and know the amount of work needed. With so many topics to cover, there’s a huge amount of writing involved in a content campaign. You can repurpose all that great content into social media content. 


By doing this, you’ll receive direct benefits that include:


Attention to your blog. You can direct your followers to your blog through your posts. By showcasing your content knowledge across your social media pages, users will be more likely to check out your website.


Seamless content across platforms. There’s something so satisfying about seeing content aligned across all platforms. By keeping your social media up-to-date with your website, you’re showing your expertise in the subject matter and demonstrating coherence in your content.


Extra material. You can repurpose all of your blog content, in different ways and formats. It’s the perfect way to fill your social media content bank. 


Social media marketing is no easy feat, but by using content from your usual marketing content campaigns you can make life easier for yourself. 

The different types of great content you can create

You can transform your blog posts into entirely fresh formats. You don’t need to stick to strictly text based posts only, as there’s so much more you can do with your blog content for different platforms and formats. 


We’ve compiled a list of different types of content you can create:


  • Video content
  • Infographics
  • Jargon buster tweets
  • Insta reels
  • Short Tik Toks
  • Best tips and how tos (video and text)

How to repurpose your content

Now that you know why you should repurpose your content, and all the types of content you can start creating, it’s time to go through the how to!


Break the core of your blog posts down into bite size chunks. Read through your blog and pick out the bits that explain the topic perfectly. By plucking out the important parts, you can make smaller content. There’s so much you can do, such as start a series for Twitter or create condensed posts for LinkedIn, with no limit on how many times you can reuse your contentit just needs a fresh spin on it every time.


Take a pull quote and play around with Canva. Sometimes, all you need is one good sentence to bring a piece of content together. Taking your topics and incorporating them into image-based posts can make all the difference. 

These posts do really well on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Get creative and incorporate your content in a more visual way. Canva is free and fun to use.

Create a video script for video platforms. If you’re feeling inspired to visually transform your content for YouTube or Tik Tok, we recommend turning your blog content into a video script. As of 2022, the average person spends 100 minutes per day watching online videos. There’s a whole market of viewers to appreciate your video content.  


Discuss questions from content in live videos. Live streaming is as popular as ever, with over 482.5 bn hours spent on mobile live streaming apps worldwide. By hosting live streams, you can discuss the content from your blog and connect with your users at the same time.


Infographics. You can shrink your bite size content even further by creating infographics that contain information. These make good conversation starters on posts and can be reused time and time again.

Social media plays a huge role in your marketing strategy

There’s more to social media than simply creating great content and posting it. You need to approach it with a strong strategy to get the best results. A strong strategy includes a well thought out plan of the platforms you’ll use, the content you’ll post, and how you’re going to measure your success. Read our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing to get a head start on your strategy. 


We post all types of content on our blog, from copywriting tips to industry knowledge! If you don’t follow us on LinkedIn, we recommend you do!


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