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Eight Content Marketing Examples to Get You Started

Ready, steady, content.

Content marketing is *the* essential component in your marketing strategy, but coming up with fresh ideas for your brand can sometimes be challenging. Looking for inspiration? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got eight content marketing examples to improve your own campaign. Let’s go.

Content Marketing Examples: Blogs

Tried, tested, and totally verified. Blogs are an extremely effective tool, providing relevant material to your target audience while increasing website traffic and SEO rankings. Whether long or short form, blogs help you build relationships by offering insightful and unique content that keeps readers coming back for more. This creates more loyal consumers who will eventually convert into leads.

To produce effective content for your blog, it’s essential that you gain an in-depth knowledge of user intent. Knowing what your target audiences are searching for will allow you to compose articles that meet their needs and address their queries effectively. It’s true what they say, knowledge is power.

As content marketing examples go, blogs are right up there. Great content. Great engagement. If you aren’t already, get blogging.

Content Marketing Examples: Case Studies

Case studies are an invaluable content marketing example that showcase your success and build trust among potential clients. They enable lead generation, consumer education, and strengthen credibilitythree very worthy business goals.

The best case studies provide real-life examples of how you’ve assisted a previous or current client with growing, selling, or scaling their business. By showing this success in detail, it becomes easy for others to see how you made a difference. That being said, care must be taken when creating a case study; put your best foot forward and make it simple for audiences to digest.

In fact, why not check out our own and get some ideas?

Content Marketing Examples: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a content style intended to educate and inform audiences on a specific subject matter. Super-effective content in this format relies heavily on experience and answers specific questions for target readers. As for voice, your writing tone should demonstrate your expertise within your industry.

Here’s a cheat code. If you haven’t got the time to commit to an original research project, let the internet do it for you. Data for survey reports, one-pagers, and infographics that address pertinent issues and trends can be found online. Just be sure to completely repurpose them for your own goals and add a little creative identity. You could even mention your latest piece in your next newsletter.

Content Marketing Examples: Newsletter

As content marketing examples go, this is a biggie. Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience up-to-date on industry trends, new product offerings, and other essential updates from your company. Furthermore, they’re an invaluable way to share customer-generated content (like blogs, case studies, and thought leadership pieces, right?). 

Newsletters remind customers that you’re ready to help them. Usually published monthly, how often you post is entirely up to you—something that brings us nicely to social media.

Content Marketing Examples: Social Media Posts

Easy pickings. Social media: you know it, we know it. In all honesty, you’re probably already posting across multiple platforms. But have you ever thought about why? Publishing brand content boosts recognition, creates relationships with prospective customers, and drives sales. If you have a strategy, that is.

Before you can even think about creating effective content, you need to first establish your goals. Knowing what you need to achieve helps inform your content; whether blog post promotions, how-to articles, shoppable social media content, or humorous memes among other topics. It’s all about adding value.

Successful businesses typically share a variety of content marketing examples—never underestimate the power of video.

Content Marketing Examples: Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to generate compelling brand content quickly and cost-effectively. This may come as a surprise, but producing videos doesn’t actually require a lot of time—you can do it in minutes.

Snappy clips can help your customers learn how to use your products and serve as an effective tool to build trust with potential clients. Video content also offers another significant advantage: increasing your search engine ranking. This is especially important for B2B marketers relying on their digital presence to drive sales.

Given the rise of on-the-go audio, podcasts are an equally viable solution when it comes to content marketing examples.

Content Marketing Examples: Podcasts

Podcasts can be an ideal way to target specific segments of your target audience with custom-created content and increase engagement. Podcasts also help establish brand recognition, build authority, and strengthen employee loyalty. 

Podcasts are a bit of a hybrid. Think of them like a spoken thought-leadership style blog. That means quality needs to be a top priority when creating a podcast. Be sure that you provide value to your listeners while being authentic in who you present yourself as.

As a new podcaster, be patient as you build an engaged listener base. Utilise audience engagement techniques such as asking for feedback to encourage listeners to tune in more frequently and keep coming back, data that can be used in your latest ebook.

Content Marketing Examples: Ebooks

When it comes to attracting customers to your website and converting them into leads, few content marketing examples are as effective as ebooks. Ebooks can take many forms, including print, animated book trailer, infographics, and animated PDF files. Generally speaking, they are dedicated to one topic, breaking down an industry problem with a direct solution: your brand and service.

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