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Evergreen Content: How to Write Content That Thrives in Every Season

Spring, summer, autumn, winter… here’s how to boost your business with evergreen content that continues to stay relevant and drive traffic.


Heard of evergreen content? If you haven’t, it’s unlike regular content that comes and goes. Campaigns and branding last for a few months, perhaps even a year, before styles change and a new design starts the cycle all over again. Why? Simply put, we get bored. Freshening things up revitalises our senses and motivates us to go out and grab what’s new. 


Instagram reels and TikTok videos pass us by in an instant, but what if I told you there’s a way to create content that’s long-lasting, sustainable, and can drive web traffic far beyond the point of publication? 


I kid you not, dear reader. This Holy Grail of content does exist—and its name is evergreen.


Content that’s built to last

Evergreen content remains relevant for a significant period of time and drives web traffic. It’s often SEO-optimised, sustainable by design, and a key element in content marketing. Think of a user guide. To support a product or service, a companion document explaining all features and options is simultaneously published. 


The guide includes everything you need to know about how the product or service works—and providing that any updates or changes are correctly recorded in future versions—the document will continue to provide value to customers for as long as they need it. 


Hosting the user guide on your website encourages users to keep coming back time and time again, picking up new tidbits of information and keeping an eye on what you’ve been up to along the way—and that’s exactly what we mean when we say evergreen!


Of course, evergreen content extends much further than user guides. Let’s take a look.


Examples of evergreen content

Although there’s no secret formula to automatically make content evergreen, there are several types of content that are naturally better suited to providing long-lasting value and results. We’ve already talked about user guides (this includes ‘How To’s’, too!)—and here are a few more examples to keep your web traffic growing over time.

  • Product reviews. At some point in our online shopping careers, we’ve all consulted the reviews section to help make a decision. Reviews provide a definite opinion, whether good or bad, on the impact of a product or service. The value is in the truth of the matter, which is what makes this content evergreen. For small businesses, maximising your Google Review potential can make a huge difference—ask your clients to leave positive feedback and keep your content wheel spinning.

  • Tips and tricks. Similar to reviews, tips and tricks provide factual information designed to help people get around a particular problem. For example, ‘Top 10 Ways to Cook Pasta’, would likely be an article that’s SEO-optimised and long-serving beyond the point of publication. Why? Because there’s value in the information offered. Sticking with the theme, people looking for ways to cook pasta find your highly ranked SERP article and click through, immediately boosting your website.


  • Videos. Video content is made to last. In fact, it’s a perfect medium for evergreen content. Why? Well, they’re easy to consume and often require users to be less engaged than a challenging read. Videos can be accessed via social media or YouTube, catching the eye of the casual audience and driving traffic through a visual medium. 


Now, this last part is unlikely, I’ll be honest. Remember “Charlie Bit My Finger”? If you don’t, here’s a reminder. This viral clip went live in 2007 and was recently sold at auction as an NFT (non-fungible token) for over $760,000. It’s estimated that the Davies-Carr family has made over £100,000 through their partnership with YouTube. 


Although evergreen content requires some upkeep, content marketers and business alike benefit from publishing pieces that are sure to enhance the services your business has to offer.


Improve your services by improving your content

Evergreen content is a great way to promote your business for the long haul. Content marketing regularly changes, in line with new technologies, clients, and industry developments, but evergreen content remains constant and provides value to your customers for a significant period of time.


With careful planning, you too can extend your content to be both long-lasting and relevant—allowing marketers to focus on creating faster and more consumable pieces that may be newsworthy, or part of a periodic campaign. To help you get started, we’ve compiled the following list of what to look out for when crafting evergreen content.

  • SEO-optimised. Choosing the right keywords for your content is a crucial planning step. Evergreen content drives traffic by providing value, so it’s important to ensure that your keywords are being frequently searched for—otherwise you’re unlikely to turn clicks into conversions. People need to be able to find your content easily.


  • One size fits all. Not everyone is an industry expert when it comes to cryptocurrency, tech, or law, for example. Creating content that is accessible to all, not forgetting to use clear and concise language, increases your audience size. Bigger audiences means bigger traffic potential, boosting website hits and, ultimately, sales.

  • Multi-purpose content. Evergreen content can be created in a variety of ways. It can be a user guide based on a product or service, or a video clip demonstrating statistics or a team introduction. You can get more from your content by utilising it in different ways, such as advertising your latest blog post on social media. More content means more customers.


Okay, we’ve explored evergreen examples and how you can improve your content. Need a final push? Let’s sum things up.


Is evergreen content right for my business?

Sustainable and relevant, evergreen content continues to bring your products and services to new customers over a long period of time. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way of building trust and relationships with prospective clients, who find value in the content you’ve created. What are you waiting for?


Through evergreen content, your services can flourish. Looking to maximise your potential? Well, there’s nothing wrong with getting a helping hand from a team of expert content marketers.


Challenge, innovate and disrupt with Linguakey by your side

At Linguakey, we’re dedicated to providing the best in content marketing. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic and highly accessible evergreen content that attracts, engages, and converts to achieve scalable growth.


Learn more about our services, and unlock your content by getting in touch with us today.

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