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Get to Know Our Digital Content Marketing Secrets and How We Can Boost Your Campaigns

Discover the transformative effects Linguakey’s digital content marketing can have on your business.

At Linguakey, we’re a digital content marketing agency made up of creatives, marketers, and strategists. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic and highly accessible content that attracts, engages, and converts clicks into customersto help brands establish their voice and connect with users.

In this article, we take you behind the scenes of our digital content marketing agency and share a sprinkling of expertise.

Need to boost your campaigns? You’ve come to the right place.

Motivation behind the marketing

Linguakey was formed from a love of words and a desire to provide customers with the best content marketing available. Whether established or startup, we provide clients with content solutions that are both quick-fixing and sustainable for the long-term. More than that, we are dedicated to our craft as writers and content marketers.

A strong and strategic content campaign can establish a brand as a market leader and disrupt industry norms. We’re committed to challenging the status quo and creating the quality content that a business deserves. Take Rebank, for example. In need of a strategy to boost its marketing efforts in the UK and US, we stepped in to create top, middle, and bottom-of-funnel content avenues to drive organic web traffic. 

The result? 84 percent of keywords registering in both the UK and US markets, and overall traffic accounting for over 50 percent total volume.

OK, we know our stuff. How do we do it, though? More importantly, how can we help you?

The Linguakey three-step methodology 

Effective campaigns are built upon engaging content that resonates with customers. Transforming clicks into conversion, we use a three-point strategy to apply our expertise to all clients, regardless of industry: plan, create, and enhance.

Let’s look at our partnership with Gambit. In 2021, we developed three marketing campaigns to focus on each of Gambit’s target audiences. These campaigns included tailored SEO blog posts, thought leadership development, and brand building. As a result, Gambit’s organic website traffic increased by 600 percent.

Let’s break down our process.



We create robust content strategies to help reach target audiences. Unsure what that means? A target audience is a business’ intended customer base—which can be defined by age, web browsing patterns, shopping habits, and even location (and much, more more!). 

By identifying a target audience and completing significant research, we can understand the core brand message and successfully broadcast business services to the right people, at the right time. This drives lead generation and, ultimately, sales.



Linguakey adapts to client needs. Our expert campaigns, built upon sound understanding of both brand and customer, include SEO-optimised content, blog posts, ebooks, thought leadership and marketing strategy. Our content transforms clicks into customers and drives your business forward.



Once our content is live, we perform regular analysis, optimise conversions and continue to conduct behaviour mapping to spot any future opportunities for our clients to explore or improve upon.


With our plan, create, and enhance methodology we helped bitoftrade (and many more!)—a startup crypto trading platform—increase its organic keywords from zero at launch to 456 within just a few months.

We’re committed to providing you with the best in content marketing, supported by our three-step methodology, and turning problems into results.

One marketing agency, one methodology, many industries

Linguakey works with clients across many industries on a global scale, including blockchain brands, tech brands, international brands, and agencies. By taking the time to understand our customers—building their identity, knowing their services, and how they make a difference—we provide and deliver the content their business deserves.

We believe the key to great content, whether an ebook or SEO driven, is strong communication. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to getting to know our clients, and build long lasting relationships that go above and beyond initial customer needs—improving and evolving over time.

For example, with Rebank, we provided an effective content plan and strategy that not only delivered immediate business benefits, such as higher ranking keywords in international markets, but upskilled in-house staff and added lasting value to the company’s marketing processes.

Our expert writers craft content that does all the hard work for you. Focus on sales, free up your schedule and sit back as we make your words matter.

Want to see transformative results from your content? Unlock your potential today with Linguakey

At Linguakey, we specialise in creating content campaigns that shape brand identity and establish market leaders. Our marketing strategies speak directly to your audience and turn clicks into conversions. Get in touch and unlock your content with us today.

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