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A well-curated content library can engage your audience, build trust, and introduce your products at exactly the right time.

Potential customers want to know straight away whether or not your services meet their unique needs. A content library can help organise your digital media, improve website navigation, and, as a result, increase traffic and lead capture. Let’s jump off the diving board and get straight to it—here’s how to get started with your own content library.

What is a content library?

A content library is a collection of digital media, such as blogs, ebooks, videos—any kind of content that your business creates. Compiling and arranging your content into an organised library not only helps potential customers when navigating your site, it also improves sales prospects, too.

In fact, it can also help your business when producing demand-driven marketing campaigns. This keeps leads moving through your funnel, while offering a platform to deliver high-quality and relevant content.

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When thinking about your content library, it’s essential to consider your audience and their needs. Once you know the kind of content you’ll be creating, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Identify customer intent

Understanding your customers is the first step when deciding the most suitable content to create for your library. This provides insight into the needs of various types of users and how they are consuming your content.

You can quickly identify customer intent by using techniques such as web analytics and survey tools. Even the data collected from your email campaigns may also be helpful. For instance, if a customer has subscribed to your newsletter but never made a purchase, this could indicate they are not yet quite ready to use your services. Instead of simply pushing them towards making a decision, you can use this data to create more personalised communications and start building trust.

Understanding the needs of your customers makes creating your content library much simpler. Not only does it enhance their experience on your site and motivate them to use your services, it gives you a great head-start in terms of knowing the type of content you need to start crafting.

Fill your content library with audience-relevant topics

Making the most of your content library means selecting topics that matter to your readers. This is essential in creating a successful marketing campaign, as it can affect how much search traffic you receive, how highly your site ranks on Google, and, ultimately, can boost sales.

Once you understand what your audience wants, create content that responds to their pain points and needs. This can be accomplished through research on your ideal buyers, interviews with potential customers, or even asking industry experts to contribute to your content library.

Although selecting topics for your content can be a challenge, it’s an integral component of every content marketing strategy. Thankfully, there’s so many different options you can use to start engaging with your customers.

Right content, right platform

Content is a powerful tool that can improve your website traffic and increase sales. To make the most of it, you must understand what type of material resonates best with your customers and how to leverage it.

This includes making the right content decisions for whichever platforms you use the most. One of the easiest ways to widen your online presence is by recycling the ‘contents’ of your content library and repurposing it for use elsewhere. For example, image-based content is much more effective on Instagram, while thought-leadership posts are better suited to a professional platform, like LinkedIn.

Free-to-use software, such as Canva, is another great way to generate traffic. Whether using an infographic or simply splitting your content up into tiny chunks, visually appealing tasters can help whet your audience’s appetite and gently funnel them towards your site.

Of course, once a customer has reached your site, you’ll want a user-friendly, optimised, and organised content library to help them make the most of their experience.

Organise your content library

If you’re creating and sharing a lot of content, it can be daunting to keep everything organised and up-to-date. An organised content library saves browsing time and streamlines your website’s overall feel—making it simpler for users and potential customers to find what they need.

No matter how you do it, whether through a content management system (CMS) or even a simple spreadsheet, having an organised library makes creating targeted and effective content much easier.

An effective way to make the most of your content is to use keywords and tags to group your assets together, so they can be quickly found. That’s the easy part, though. Having identified, created, and organised your library, it’s just as important to keep it up-to-date.

Maintain your content library

Content libraries make it simpler to showcase your online know-how, identity, and products efficiently, as well as keeping them discoverable for potential customers. You can use them for blogs, ebooks, podcasts, whitepapers, guides—any kind of content in any kind of format. 

Once your content library is organised and ready to be used, it needs to be maintained. This involves adding new material regularly, as well as editing or removing any that may now be out-of-date. Keeping your garden green, so to speak, helps to guarantee that the content you’re sharing with the wider world is fresh, relevant, and factually correct.

Content that converts

Of course, any library is only as good as its content. At Linguakey, we’re content marketing experts—and we’re here to help. Whether SEO-focused articles, top-of-funnel content, promotional materials, video scripts, or even user documentation, we provide high-quality content that connects business and audiences through the power of words. Start transforming your lead generation and get in touch with us today.

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