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Maximise Your Marketing: Fintech

In our new regular column, we explore methods to maximise your content potential. First up, fintech marketing.

For some, ‘fintech’ might be some edgy new term that’s sprung up online. Not really sure what it means. Sounds quite technical. Of course, you already know what it is. You’re invested in the industry as a business owner, marketing manager, or simply keeping an eye on the financial times—and no, we don’t mean the newspaper.

Raise your hand if you’re still out of the loop. Yep, we see you there in the second row. For clarity, fintech is a portmanteau combining the words ‘financial’ and ‘technology’. Think fin-tech. Sure, it’s edgy. Sure, it’s technical. Is it new? Absolutely not. In fact, the original fintech is none other than your trusty ATM

But we’re here to talk fintech marketing solutions, so enter your card, input your PIN and get ready to withdraw some serious knowledge to boost your balance.

Money, money, money

Turns out it’s not actually funny after all. It’s a serious business that’s constantly evolving. With over 64 per cent of the global population using fintech in some form, competition is fierce. Mobile banking? Fintech. Payment solutions? Ding. Credit cards? You guessed it. With over 25,000 competing fintech startups, as of November 2021, without an effective strategy, it can be difficult to catch the eye.

Hang on a minute—isn’t my amazing, incredible, world-beating product enough? 

Well, yes. And no. Even the greatest inventions need a coat of lyrical wax to make them stand out from the crowd. With our experience in creating content that converts, Linguakey is on hand to help raise your fintech marketing game.

A bit of a fixer-upper: fintech that makes a difference

Fintechs fix problems. Whether it’s instant access to cash, the ability to make digital transfers overseas or even mortgage solutions, financial technology has and will continue to fix industry issues. Let’s look at Monese, a startup business that set out to tackle a big problem, and how it made a difference.

How can you find a place to live if you don’t have a bank account and can’t open one without proof of address? That was the challenge Monese CEO Norris Koppel faced when landing in the UK—a vicious circle highlighted further by HSBC in their 2021 ad campaign.

Offering accounts that can be opened online instantly, Monese removes the entry barrier to finance and provides customers with access to personal banking—a commodity many of us take for granted. Only needing a photo ID and a selfie, anyone within the European Economic Area (EEA) or UK can sign up today, with or without an address. Problem solved.

Step one. Know your problem. By tackling a specific industry issue, just like Monese, you’ve already got the makings of a great fintech marketing campaign. Now, about that brand message…

Born identity: knowing your brand

Your brand identity is more than just visible design elements—although this shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s about how your business makes customers feel. Take Monzo for example. A digital-only solution, with no local branches, Monzo ranks alongside Starling Bank as the joint-top personal current account provider in the UK.

Monzo’s social programme, dedicated to ethics, transparent employee support and commitment to accessibility resonates with modern customers. With these values instilled at business level, they filter into the customer experience and build trust. Success! Oh, and they’ve got a killer app too. 

Step two. Master your message. Your solution is one thing, your identity is something else. Transparent, open values attract like-minded customers who want to invest in your brand—customers who can shape your target audience.

Have your cake and eat it: baking a solid (customer) base

It’s likely you’ll already have a slice of the market eyed up. Whether Victoria sponge or perhaps something more savoury, client personas focus on the core ingredients used and are an effective way to identify target audiences. 

Age, location, shopping habits and even pain points are all key areas of interest that can shape the look and feel of your fintech marketing campaigns. In partnership with SMAAS, Linguakey developed three marketing campaigns designed specifically around Gambit’s best-fit customers to maximise potential in new, English-speaking markets. 

The result? Organic web traffic is up 600 per cent.

Step three. Identify your audience. Best of all, you can bake your customer personas in limitless batches, each with a different flavour. Speaking of different flavours…

The spice of life: multi-platform, multimedia 

Variety. Not only does it keep your content fresh, it keeps customers engaged too. We’re talking SEO-optimised blogs, thought leadership posts, ebooks, industry explainers, videos and much, much more across YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other medium your business uses.

This is where the steps begin to correlate. Your problem informs your solution, your solution informs your brand identity, and your identity shapes your customer base. Customers respond to content, which is tailored to match specific personas. 

With accounts aggregator startup Rebank, Linguakey delivered a year-long content strategy focused on performance, brand appropriateness and SEO opportunities. Targeting UK and US markets, our weekly blog posts, alongside top, middle and bottom-of-funnel avenues increased overall traffic to account for over 50% of total volume. Varied content. One strategy. Clear results.

Step four. Mix it up. Keep your content fresh and your customers engaged to drive your fintech marketing strategy across multiple platforms—and optimise your mobile solution.

Pocket change: technology that’s never out of reach

In 2021, US mobile users spent an average of 3 hours and 46 minutes on their phones every single day. That’s a whopping 82,490 minutes per year. In fact, it’s over 57 full days. Try not to blink. Actually, it’s probably best that you do.

Access to mobile-optimised solutions keeps them handy. Why visit a bank when you can reach into your pocket, right? Over 14 million Brits have a digital-only bank account, similar to the services offered by Monese and Monzo. As more and more of us turn to online-only options, providing an accessible and simplistic mobile experience becomes of increasing value. Best of all, your brand can benefit from a higher SEO ranking. Why? Because better visibility means a better chance of reaching customers.

Step five. Don’t let things get out of hand. Convenient content is only ever a tap away and an optimised mobile solution not only benefits customers but can drive your website up Google’s SERPs.

Flexible momentum

Maximising your marketing not only raises the profile of your business—through increased lead generation, targeted content and visibility—but provides the foundations for future growth. For all a campaign may be successful, always evaluate what didn’t work and how this can be improved going forward. 

Fintech is an ever-changing market and keeping up to date with the latest trends, features and strategies are key. With our help, you can transform your marketing with effective content that converts clicks into customers.

Transform your fintech marketing solutions

At Linguakey, we specialise in creating content campaigns that shape brand identity and establish market leaders. Our fintech marketing strategies speak directly to your audience and turn clicks into conversion. Learn more about our specialist fintech marketing solutions and unlock your content with us today.

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