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Developing A Suite of Case Studies for A Major IT Consultancy Business

Opencast delivers digital solutions to a number of high-profile clients, including HMRC and GOV UK. To showcase their projects and achievements, Linguakey developed case studies built on past and current projects.

Opencast is an IT consultancy firm based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Undergoing a period of rapid growth since 2020, including the opening of a new city hub in Edinburgh, Opencast provides technical solutions to the UK government, global financial institutions, and many other enterprises and public bodies.

Having accumulated a vast catalogue of partner projects, Opencast were ready to create several thought-leadership-style case studies to reflect on deliverables and demonstrate their ability to provide world-class services. 

Working with the likes of HMRC, ACAS, DWP, and Sage, Opencast’s project-focused case studies were to take a prominent position on their newly renovated website and feature prominently when presenting to prospective clients and existing partners.

The Challenge

Following the launch of their new website, Opencast tasked Linguakey with developing case studies to demonstrate examples of their client work. Operating with consumers at the highest level of industry and business, with some projects spanning significant periods of time, and, in some cases, still in the early stages of planning, meant each piece had to be carefully considered and researched prior to content creation.

With multiple stakeholders involved, representing internal and external perspectives, we invested significant time in ensuring that all written features matched Opencast’s business identity, mirrored their preferred in-house stylistic tone, and included accurate statistics for reporting purposes. 

Most of all, we faced a key challenge in creating content that was informative and engaging, while still remaining accessible to audiences in the tiers of business and government found among Opencast’s clients.

The Solution

To fully understand the scope of Opencast’s highlighted projects, Linguakey sat down with one or more key stakeholders from each case study as part of the information-gathering process. Conducting multiple interviews to capture correct details, facts, and figures, we held in-depth discussions to make sure all requirements were captured efficiently and effectively. 

During the writing process, and adhering to the in-house style guide, our strategy involved a multiple review approach—not only directly involving project representatives but senior members of Opencast’s content team, too. This feedback, particularly around ways of working and internal processes, played a key role in developing accurate, and tone-aligned content worthy of its place in Opencast’s domain.

Breaking down the content to serve multiple purposes, each study was developed into longer and shorter forms. The shorter element would be published on the Opencast website, driving traffic and acting as bitesize bursts of key project information, while the longer pieces would form part of the project pitching process—used in a variety of promotional materials, such as bespoke client slide decks.

Using an agile and iterative approach, each feature was passed to and from stakeholder gateways until final sign-off was achieved. Providing effective content to demonstrate their operational capabilities, without relying on overly technical language, Opencast’s case studies were delivered in a timely manner and can now be read directly on their flagship ‘Clients’ page.

The Result

Linguakey’s production of high-level case studies for Opencast is a key element of their push towards further business growth. As they continue to scale, and pitch for major IT projects at industry and government levels, our provided features are multi-functional and continue to provide lasting value.

As short-form pieces, published on the Opencast website, they act as engaging narratives that build excitement about their services and highlight several of the major clients they’ve partnered with. The longer-form features, meanwhile, act as transformational conversion tools that showcase Opencast’s ability to deliver. Constantly driving future sales, Linguakey’s content supports Opencast’s ambitious scaling goals.

External Relations Manager, Julian Blake, commented: “We are very grateful for the team’s efforts at Linguakey in interviewing key personnel, communicating with key stakeholders, and carefully crafting the content for our case studies. The result has been high-level, brand-aligned customer success pieces for use in our promotional materials.”

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