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Boosting Website Traffic and Sales Enquiries for OKR Productivity App Reclaro

Linguakey held in-depth workshops with the productivity app startup Reclaro to appeal to customer needs and provide a year-long strategy to increase inbound leads.

Reclaro, a start-up business providing OKR (objectives and key results) software designed to increase individual and team performance, approached Linguakey to consult on how to improve their user experience, attract more targeted customers, and generate higher inbound lead enquiries on their website. 

Understanding how content marketing can be used to successfully improve sales opportunities, Reclaro set out to achieve their growth aims, further connect with their ideal target audience, and build their brand through engaging and high-performing content.

The Challenge

Already boasting a strong back catalogue of digital content, Linguakey’s first objective was to re-evaluate Reclaro’s content library and ensure that their ideal buyer was being considered in all published media, whether blog, PR, or social media.

To ensure consistency, and maximise the opportunity to turn leads into conversions, an in-depth review of the business’ identity, current website, and, as a result, content alignment, was needed. Holding workshops with Reclaro’s leadership team, to fully understand the services provided, played an important role in getting to know OKRs as a subject matter—and how this could be reflected in simple terms to potential customers.

Through our research, and by applying our recommendations to Reclaro’s existing content, not only would we be able to increase inbound traffic based on their current online presence, and improve brand awareness, but provide a year-long SEO strategy tailored to their ideal audience.

The Solution

A deep dive into Reclaro’s goals and the businesses they seek to help bring almost instant results. By successfully shaping what their target audience looked like, particularly around pain points, challenges, and needs, we were able to finesse Reclaro’s existing content and repurpose it to serve their aims for growth. Although the existing content was already high-performing, this simple realignment helped to optimise their website and increase hyper-targeted lead generation.

Having established a consistent brand message, the next step was to apply that to all future content and make suggestions on how to best interact with their ideal buyers going forward. To achieve this, Linguakey developed a 12-month SEO content strategy that covered a broad suite of content—including blog posts, pillar content, ebooks, case studies, and FAQs.

Our content strategy was created with the user journey in mind, starting from organic discovery, providing relevant and engaging features to push brand consideration, and, finally, purchase/ conversion. Keywords, specifically chosen to increase traffic, formed a major aspect of our initial review, with the objective of positioning Reclaro as a key player in their industry and ranking highly in search engine results to boost inbound users.

The Result

Having received the 12-month strategy from Linguakey, Reclaro executed the content plan over the following year, using relevant keywords and natural backlinks to improve their website domain as they went.

Following this period, Reclaro’s organic search traffic more than doubled, with their keywords increasing from over 130 to 700—many ranking between first and fifth on SERPs (search engine results pages). As the strategy took into consideration different content forms and methods, such as informational and transactional, we were also able to rebalance the user journey and provide a more nuanced web experience, tailored specifically for Reclaro’s ideal audience.

Zoe Greensit, Reclaro’s Digital Marketing Manager said: “Really great, very insightful and super helpful. We achieved our desired outcome to create a solid content plan and have some great ideas as to how we can develop this further ourselves. Linguakey are very knowledgeable (and patient) answering all our questions and explaining things in detail.”


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