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Linguakey created and delivered regular SEO-driven copy to boost a global construction industry firm alongside a trusted partner.

Jamie Ralph is a digital marketing consultant based in Ireland. Helping SMEs to put digital marketing at the forefront of their business and increase sales potential, Jamie Ralph and Linguakey have partnered on several key projects. Working together to provide digital marketing campaigns and content, our trusted relationship has provided outstanding results to a number of clients.

When outsourcing feature copy for SSA Group, a specialist global construction agency representing the world’s leading civil engineering companies, Jamie Ralph again partnered with Linguakey to provide SEO-focused and effective content over an eight-month project.


The Challenge

SSA Group is a recruitment agency operating in North America, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, the UK and Ireland. Specialising in white collar recruitment, SSA sought to attract more prospective applicants to their industry vacancies through the use of organic search.

With an individual website for each of their six major locations, SSA needed to widen their digital presence by improving their SERP ranking for each site. Using carefully crafted content, and focusing on specific industry keywords, SSA approached Jamie Ralph to deliver a digital marketing campaign that would widen the candidate pool, in addition to developing wider brand awareness.

Having worked with us on several previous projects and developed a successful relationship and, most importantly, trust, Jamie Ralph outsourced the entire content production aspect of the campaign to Linguakey—all to be created in line with an agreed SEO strategy.

Given the scope of SSA’s operations, across six regions, this strategy had to differentiate between each specific audience type and without overlapping content on SSA’s parent site.


Our Solution

Having carefully identified keywords for each of SSA’s locations, Linguakey began creating monthly content to increase search visibility, ranking, and targeted traffic. Delivering monthly industry features for each region, the posts focused on a specific keyword within the overall strategy and were optimised for search performance. This included the use of known Google search questions to maximise SERP positioning.

To meet customer needs, posts were finely tuned to respond to target audience pain points. Containing informative and educational content, each piece not only positioned SSA as a reliable and trustworthy industry leader, but responded to major queries about the construction sector, the corresponding role, and even country culture.

Our fluid approach to creating content for a variety of audiences allowed us to develop a strategy that ensured posts remained relevant, whether writing for consumers based in Ireland or Dubai. Researching the construction industry in each location, studying statistics and major search trends, meant we could supply effective copy for each arm of the SSA Group without sacrificing quality or impacting agreed deadlines. This also included writing content that was appropriate for non-English speakers, without the use of colloquial language.

Having helped to further establish SSA as the go-to recruitment agency in the construction industry, with a dense and high-quality catalogue of content, web traffic and domain authority quickly scaled—increasing sales potential and widening the scope of employment opportunities in the sector on a worldwide scale.


The Result

Linguakey produced content for SSA over an eight month period, with each feature passing a quality assurance check by our partner, Jamie Ralph. Having submitted three SEO-focused blog posts per month, the SSA parent domain now successfully ranks for over 6,000 organic keywords—a 300 percent increase on the 12 month period prior to the project beginning.

Having written copy for all six different regions, these individual sub-domains now benefit from 75 percent of all SSA organic web traffic, with SSA’s parent site ranking for an appropriate balance of information, navigational, and transactional keywords. With Linguakey’s help, SSA reaches a wider demographic of prospective candidates across the globe—driving the future of the construction industry and positively impacting international economies.

Upon completion of the project, Jamie Ralph commented: “Working with Linguakey has been a pleasure. They always deliver on-time and their writing is well-researched, accurate, and precise.”

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