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The Importance of Women in Crypto

There are currently fewer women in crypto than men, but that doesn’t mean women aren’t interested in investing.

When you think of cryptocurrency, what demographic springs to mind? If your first thought is a man in his early twenties, then you’ve probably hit the nail on the head. Crypto is known for typically being male-dominated. Most known coin creators are men. For example, Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum and Akon created Akoin. However, rumours are floating around online that Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a woman and the internet is going wild with debate. Whether the creator is or isn’t a woman, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the community of crypto women needs to grow. Currently, 19% of women cryptocurrency investors are white, and only 4% are black women. The numbers need to improve!

Are women interested in cryptocurrency?

The short answer is yes! 

Women are interested in cryptocurrency, and the number of female investors is growing by the second. 

Right now, 19% of US women aged 18 to 29 invest in crypto, although they are massively outnumbered by 43% of similarly aged men. However, the number of crypto women is slowly increasing around the world. For example, the Australian crypto exchange BTC market last year had a 175% increase in women traders! Additionally, from BTC’s report, it appears that women of crypto, generally make larger initial deposits, averaging $2,381 compared to the average of $2,060 deposited by men. So, not only are women interested, but they’re investing larger amounts of money! 

Despite the number of women cryptocurrency investors, there’s a huge gap in the employment of women in fintech and blockchain technologies. Although there are more women in fintech than in crypto, the numbers are still low, just 30% of the fintech workforce is female. Only 17% of senior fintech roles are held by women, and a mere 5% are founders. 

It should be celebrated that women in the crypto space are on the rise. Bitget recently announced they’ve hired seasoned professional, Gracy Chen, as their new Managing Director, who’ll no doubt inspire more women to join the world of fintech and invest in crypto. 

Why do we need more women in crypto?

We desperately need more women to invest in cryptocurrency, but why? First and foremost, in all aspects of life, it’s imperative that women are afforded fair and equal opportunities, no matter their circumstance. By inviting more women into the crypto sphere the community becomes more inclusive, reducing trader stereotypes and improving how the industry is viewed as a whole. Additionally, a BTC Markets Investor report recently discovered that women are often found to be warier of risks when it comes to finances. Despite this, there are already some powerful women of crypto, such as fintech Queen Charlene Fadireo and NFT art guru Maliha Abid, but there’s always room for more!.

Five burning reasons why we need more women to invest in cryptocurrency:

Female representation. Although the percentage of women traders is small, they must have proper representation within the crypto community. By amplifying women crypto traders, more women will be inclined to start trading. 

Increase market competition. 49.58% of the population is made up of women. Can you imagine how much the crypto market would grow if more women entered the world of trading? There would be more competition for traders and higher chances for profit.

Closing the gender gap. Women should be welcomed into the crypto community with open arms. Why should just men enjoy the frivolousness of trading? 

So, what’s our solution to the problem?

What can you do to encourage female crypto investors?

You might be wondering how you can help tackle this problem. Don’t worry, here are a few simple tips to help make positive change.

Following more crypto women within the industry. Girlgone_crypto on Twitter is a hilarious account, regularly breaking down technical jargon to make it easier for the everyday person to digest. Filling your feeds with women who are in the industry shows your support, and will encourage others to follow them too!

Invite your friends who are women to join trading. You may be surprised who’ll be interested in crypto within your social circle. Try branching out to more people, and instil them with your crypto knowledge! By sharing your crypto interests with those around you, you’re inviting them into the community. 

Hire more women and pay them equally. If you’re a business owner or a CEO working in the crypto space, you can make a huge difference by empowering and employing more women in your business. You can directly impact the gender and pay gap. 

Encourage women to become more interested in technology at a younger age. For as long as I can remember, the techy stuff was always geared towards boys when growing up. Educational systems should be more inclusive and encourage women to pursue both learning and careers within the tech industry.

Eager to learn more about female crypto investors?

Due to the community of female investors being low, we must uplift the women who are already in the community. And that’s why we’ve put together an article on the Top 10 Women in Crypto Worldwide! Check out our blog for more fintech, marketing, and crypto posts.

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