Gambit: Breaking into International Markets with Strategic Content

Gambit: Breaking into International Markets with Strategic Content

In 2021, Linguakey was approached by fintech influencer Koen Vanderhoydonk to collaborate on a project for Belgium fintech infrastructure provider Gambit


To ensure successful delivery, we worked closely with Gambit’s Marketing Manager, Julie Laurini, to establish topics of relevance and the finer strategy details. With SMAAS, Vanderhoydonk’s social media agency, running the social media campaign, we delivered the content for the web marketing aspects of the project.

The Challenge

Gambit was established in 2013 and specialises in providing innovative white label financial software to businesses. Aiming to break into the English-speaking markets of Europe, Gambit needed to establish its reputation, attract customer interest and begin conversations with interested parties.


To achieve this, the company looked to publish regular top-of-funnel SEO content to attract targeted website visitors, use thought leadership posts to establish their reputation, and offer ebooks to allow potential customers to consider their services.

Our Solution

Linguakey worked alongside SMAAS to develop three campaigns aimed at Gambit’s key target audiences, involving SEO blog posts, thought leadership development, and brand building. 


With initial briefs provided by Gambit and refined in a collective effort, each customer persona required specifically crafted content to help maximise potential in these new and English-speaking markets. We also created an ebook for each client persona to establish Gambit as industry experts and provide a conversational starting point email follow up.

The Result

With Linguakey managing the content marketing aspect of the project, SMAAS were able to run an integrated marketing campaign that included website, email and social media marketing.


Published critical engagement posts, content and ebooks helped prove Gambit’s status as a trusted brand. Following content delivery, organic website traffic increased by 600%, driving future business and establishing the company in English-speaking parts of Europe.


Our partner, SMAAS, was more than impressed with our professional work, with Vanderhoydonk saying “excellent follow-up and very high-quality delivery. I’m a very content customer and recommend Linguakey’s services.” 


Laurini, Gambit’s Marketing Manager, was more than satisfied with the work Linguakey supplied, saying that “working with Linguakey was perfect for us. The SEO articles were very well written and insightful, and the ebooks are a valuable part of our marketing. Great content and thank you for your good work as usual Jeremy and Linguakey!”

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