Customer Success Stories: Connecting A Blockchain Startup with Targeted Leads Through Promotional Content

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As part of their launch program, tokenised music app GIGCO set out to break into the music venue industry with the help of Linguakey.

GIGCO is an easy-to-use and tokenised platform for music artists, venues, and fans. Through blockchain technology, GIGCO removes intermediaries, creates opportunities for fairer financial rewards, and incentivises customers to get involved through community benefits. 

As their strategic brand and marketing partner, we provided an educational content series and specialised PR to help build the GIGCO brand and raise awareness ahead of their regional UK rollout.

The Challenge

GIGCO needed to attract customers and build their identity. With three main audience groups to target—musicians, fans, and venues—we explored deploying educational content to connect with and generate excitement among would-be potential app users.

Our Solution

To build GIGCO’s brand and help connect with potential customers, Linguakey created a series of educational articles and timely press releases ahead of their regional 2022 launch. 

Our educational content, which was developed around major industry pain points, in addition to highlighting the viability and attractive services offered by GIGCO, was made available through social media and written in response to known challenges, such as how artists’ fees are restricted by their very profession.

The Result

Following a successful regional launch in GIGCO’s native northeast England, Ben Kindlan, CEO and Co-Founder, said: “Linguakey helped us with handling PR and we were glad to have their expertise on board. The result of working together was great content for the launch, we were super impressed.”

Having provided GIGCO with quality content that allowed them to break into the music industry, and highlighted the major pain points they sought to resolve, GIGCO’s social media presence grew significantly. With a combined community of over 30k Telegram followers, and a further 50k on Twitter, GIGCO’s launch objective of building brand awareness and establishing a foothold in the market had been realised.

Read the full story of our partnership with GIGCO here, and you can read more of our tech industry success stories here.

For more information about how Linguakey can help your start-up establish a strong customer base and break into new industries, contact us today.

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