Customer Success Stories: Developing A Comprehensive Brand Book for A University Course

Customer Success Stories: Developing A Comprehensive Brand Book for A University Course

Linguakey was approached by edtech company Learnium to take a consultative role in developing an upcoming University of South Wales (USW) course. Thanks to new methods and technologies, students have far more access to virtual courses than ever before. Learnium, as a business, improves education by providing personalised learning services to all. 


Learnium and USW partnered to develop a new online course aimed at non-business graduates and young professionals, teaching vital entrepreneurial skills in line with the Entrecomp Framework. Linguakey was brought onto the project as a consultative partner, tasked with producing a brand book detailing how to best appeal to USW’s target demographic.

The Challenge

Online courses are an increasingly attractive option to students, especially as international learners can carry out the course in the comfort of their own homes. Course costs are often cheaper, and there’s far more flexibility. 


Because these courses are entirely virtual, an easy-to-use learning platform with well-aligned content is pivotal to effective virtual learning, as students have less one-to-one time with lecturers. Learnium’s role in the project was to design an effective virtual platform for the course to facilitate better learning. 


To engage prospective postgraduates, the USW course needed to align with the correct audience. This was especially important given that the course was new and required a designated number of sign-ups to successfully launch. Learnium therefore approached Linguakey to provide consultancy services on the branding aspect of the course.

Our Solution

To establish who the course should be aimed at and to gain an understanding of the learning objectives for students, we began creating target personas for the course. After regular workshops and meetings, we established that the optimal student audience was post-graduates from a non-business background, but with a strong interest in entrepreneurship.


Our personas included age, values, pain points, and how the course would help students achieve their goals. Personas were devised with diversity in mind, providing accessibility to students from all backgrounds.


To aid course writers, Linguakey created a detailed guide on how to establish and maintain a consistent tone of voice. This included instructional and information examples, breaking down the difference between ‘appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’ content expectations for a professional institution, such as USW. The guide aided course visualisation and was designed to prevent tonal mistakes and deliver an experience in line with customer expectations .


We also provided a quick reference ‘A – Z’ document to give course writers an easy way to double-check their work and ensure quality throughout.

The Result

After creating a comprehensive brand book and supporting ‘A – Z’ guide, Rachael Rees-Jones, Entrepreneurship Development Manager,  was ready to begin developing the course learning materials. 


Shaped by our consultation and collaborative efforts between key project stakeholders, the newly created USW course will improve the entrepreneurial learning of postgraduate students. Both USW and Learnium were delighted with our collaborative effort, with Arun Wilson, Learnium co-founder, saying: “Jeremy and the team at Linguakey were brought into a project at short notice to produce brand guidelines for a course being developed. They were a pleasure to work with, highly responsive, and produced excellent work in a short space of time.” 


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