Customer Success Stories: Refreshing A Digital Brand Identity in The Tech Industry and Cryptosphere

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Read how Linguakey redesigned LOX Network’s online presence to attract new customers and successfully scale their brand.

LOX Network is pioneering the next generation of smartphone security with a mobile application that uses a dual-NFT model to irrefutably prove device ownership via their proprietary blockchain. 

Working in partnership with Chain Adoption, Linguakey were tasked with finding creative solutions to reimagine LOX Network’s identity while staying true to their loyal community of followers as they scaled and widened their customer base.

You can read the full story of our partnership with LOX Network here.

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The Challenge

Having fulfilled its original purpose, by raising awareness, interest, and capital, LOX Network’s website was ready for an overhaul to match the business’ growing aspirations and status. To successfully launch the brand into the mainstream, and attract customers, government agencies, and major corporations operating within the wireless device industry, LOX needed to provide an updated, accessible, and engaging message.

Our Solution

The LOX Network website project consisted of several elements. Firstly, we needed to identify the overall project scope, the key criterion, and deliverables. Second, the domain structure required reinforcing with carefully considered content, and, lastly, an updated visual design to meet new customer needs.

To engage new and existing customers, and to keep them excited about the opportunities LOX provided, we devised a plan to keep business booming. This included increasing organic traffic to the newly refreshed website, engaging with the already established LOX community, and using targeted PR placements. 

The Result

LOX Network’s website is live, refreshed, and ready to support the launch of all mainstream products. Supported by a clear content strategy, the domain is highly discoverable through organic search methods and continues to improve its SERPs. 

With Lingukey continuing to create new content on a weekly basis, intended to attract, inform, and engage targeted traffic, LOX Network has established a following of over 30,000 users across their Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels. 

LOX Founder and CEO, Lucas Collins, said: “We worked with Linguakey on refreshing and upgrading our online presence over the last 15 months. They helped us expand our following and further engage our community. Through strategic marketing and well-placed content, we achieved significant growth among our followers over the course of the year and this put us in a very strong position for product updates, future launches, and investment opportunities.”

Read the full story of our partnership with LOX Network here and read more of our tech industry success stories here.

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