Mediatool: Developing an Organic Traffic Strategy for a Media Management Platform

Mediatool: Developing An Organic Traffic Strategy

Linguakey worked with Swedish-based marketing platform Mediatool. A B2B marketing and media management startup, Mediatool received €2.5 million in funding in October 2020 from Newion—an early-stage investor in B2B software companies. Thanks to this, Mediatool was ready to expand its marketing efforts and break into new markets.

Linguakey was tasked with collaborating on the creation and management of Mediatool’s ambitious content marketing strategy. This included SEO website content, promotional thought leadership, an ebook, product information pages, copywriting, and optimising Mediatool’s overall brand message. 

During year-long campaign, we worked in partnership with Mediatool, and, in particular, Marketing Manager Michaella Fenton and Head of Marketing Johan Holmström.

The Challenge

After a successful round of funding, Mediatool was ready to strengthen its brand identity and kick off a digital marketing campaign to drive lead generation and increase sales conversions. Mediatool turned to Linguakey to provide the content and strategy required to achieve their ambitious goals.

In a crowded industry, with thousands of tools already available to potential customers, Mediatool’s initial marketing challenge was to disrupt an already established market with their innovative platform. Therefore, to effectively target both agencies and brands, Mediatool’s strategy needed a multi-faceted approach. 

Mediatool approached Linguakey to elevate the business’s overall marketing efforts, with a focus on increasing traffic and conversions through SEO-tailored content designed to appeal to Mediatool’s target demographic.

Our Solution

We understood the importance of creating regular SEO blog posts to boost organic traffic and position Mediatool as a market leader.

We produced weekly SEO articles that were posted to the website blog, with content including educational pieces, product updates, and guides

Our blog posts were aimed at Mediatool’s two intended audiences: agencies and brands. For both clients, we carefully listened to Mediatool client personas and applied an appropriate tone and specific style to each. 

To increase sales conversions for Mediatool, we produced quarterly ebooks, detailing how to use Mediatool and its services—in addition to showcasing the advanced tools available. As part of the wider campaign, to access the Mediatool ebook, customers submitted their name and email address. This helped to drive lead generation, enabling the sales team to reach out to potential customers and increase conversion rates.

To position Mediatool as a leading media management platform, we decided to boost company founder Alexander Högman’s social media profiles by producing informed thought leadership posts. Targeting LinkedIn, Medium, and Mediatool’s website, we produced regular posts dedicated to establishing Alex as an influential CEO.

The Result

Over 12 months, with regular SEO blog posts Mediatool’s organic traffic increased by 175 percent and brought their platform to new audiences and increased sales opportunities through targeted lead generation. 

The marketing campaign used high-value, strategic content at every step of the customer journey, and helped increase Mediatool’s business growth and industry stature.

Through our regular leadership posts, Linguakey also significantly boosted Alexander Högman’s LinkedIn and Medium profiles—establishing him as an influential leader in his field. 

Michealla was delighted with our brand-building abilities, saying:

“Linguakey massively improved our tone of voice and got our content spot on. This is exactly how we want all our content to be from here on.”

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