Customer Success Stories: Using SEO to Boost a Proptech’s Inbound Traffic

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Engaging a digital planning platform’s ideal customers through user-first content.

PlaceChangers are a proptech brand specialising in digital planning solutions, based in north east England. Promoting engagement and sustainability between residents and property developers, their clients include local authorities and major housing associations.

To solidify their authority in the proptech industry, improve organic search rankings, and increase wider brand awareness, PlaceChangers partnered with Linguakey to provide a series of SEO-driven content.

The Challenge

Businesses rely on content marketing to generate traffic and web enquiries to help achieve their long term growth. Developing a strong content presence through SEO takes time, but it’s highly effective when consistently applied. Working together to help PlaceChangers improve their digital presence and rank higher on Google’s SERPs, we began to analyse existing content performance and look for measurable goals that would provide both short and long term growth in terms of inbound traffic.

Our Solution

Presenting a list of achievable and high-quality opportunities, our approved suggestions formed the basis of ten article briefs. Each article was broken down into specific topics, meaning that the PlaceChangers team knew exactly what we intended to reference, how we would approach each topic, and, ultimately, the message to be delivered.

Never straying from the end goal of building the PlaceChangers brand through improved and specifically targeted web traffic, Linguakey spent time thoroughly researching and planning every article in depth. 

The Result

Now published on PlaceChanger’s website, the ten articles created continue to increase engagement, establish awareness, and generate leads. The quality and variety of topics covered by Linguakey means planning consultants will benefit from the services that PlaceChangers provide both today and in the future.

Sebastian Wiese, co-founder, commented, “The team added their expertise to several projects we are currently working on. The scope, research, writing, and approach was professional and in-line with agreed timelines.” 

At Linguakey, we create tailored content campaigns to unite brands with their ideal customers that build strong relationships and lasting trust. For more customer success stories, visit our case studies page.

Get in touch today to find out how we can align your content with your growth strategy.

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