Rebank: Implementing A Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy to Support Sales Conversions

Rebank Case Study

To support Rebank, Linguakey developed a clear marketing strategy to suit both business and customer needs.

Rebank is a banking aggregator platform aimed at B2B, SME and startup firms. Streamlining the banking experience, their products include an easy-to-use dashboard that provides an overview of consolidated accounts, categorisation, and payment options. 

The team were members of the Y-Combinator accelerator programme, designed to fast-track development and service launch, winning investment in 2019.

Rebank recognised the value of publishing brand-aligned content on their website and Linguakey was approached to provide consultancy services on how to optimise marketing efforts and to create a content strategy for 2022. To kick-start this process, we sat down with Frank de Silva, Rebank’s Community Growth Officer, to gain key insights into Rebank’s expertise.

The Challenge

Understanding the importance of content marketing to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion, Rebank approached us to implement a fully-formed content marketing strategy in-house.

While firmly focused on driving sales and finessing their software, Rebank’s strategy needed to include SEO, brand alignment, target persona development, and detailed content opportunities to fill the gaps.

Linguakey was tasked with developing and launching a content marketing strategy that increased both Rebank’s organic traffic and brand awarenessparticularly for US and UK- based startups and SMEs, to help establish a foothold in these markets.

Our Solution

To identify and create best-fit solutions for Rebank, we analysed their pre-existing content outputfocusing on performance, brand appropriateness, and SEO opportunities. Taking this into consideration, and to help shape content direction, Linguakey developed a new strategy for 2022. 

Combining business expectations with Rebank’s own contributions to the agreed strategy, Linguakey wrote SEO blog posts tailored to US and UK audiences, using localised examples and language to keep existing and new customers engaged. 

Within this strategy, we also developed top, middle, and bottom-of-funnel content avenues, focusing on education and product consideration, alongside weekly optimised blog posts, designed to driv​​e organic traffic to the Rebank website.

The Result

After implementing a comprehensive strategy, we provided a 1 year content plan and detailed delivery schedule to the Rebank team. Having created regular content for 6 months, we passed the torch to the Rebank content team to implement the strategy we helped devise for the remainder of the year. 

As a result, we helped Rebank target the US and UK markets via organic search with 84% or their keywords registered in these two regions, and increased their overall traffic to account for over 50% of total volumewith blog posts being the main drivers of conversion.

Frank was more than satisfied by our services, saying: “Jeremy and the team at Linguakey really understood what we were looking for in our content. They spent a lot of time listening to our expectations and used them to create a forward plan and lots of ideas. They worked quickly and delivered well researched pieces for our blog.”

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