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Applying brand guidelines to visual content and online learning.

The University of South Wales (Prifysgol De Cymru) is a modern and ambitious academic institution. Creating an interactive course for postgraduate students looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills and understanding, USW partnered with Linguakey to provide editorial feedback on a project consisting of 15 learning modules and several interactive video scripts. 

The Challenge

Our first task involved performing an editorial review of every written aspect of the course—half a million words. A strict delivery schedule was developed to ensure the course could launch on time. This included feedback, checking for tone consistency throughout the entirety of the content—as well as scrutinising every word, sentence, and paragraph.

The need to adhere to brand guidelines also added extra complexity. To ensure quality throughout, we began to scope out a solution that would provide USW with the best value and the most efficient results. 

Our Solution

Our time-sensitive approach meant feedback was incorporated into the development of future units before their writing process had even begun. By templating project needs, we were able to collectively improve the overall standard of every module, as the course progressed through its development lifecycle. 

Editing over half a million words at sentence level meant applying absolute focus and making sure we took our time to check that all mistakes were accounted for. As for the course’s accompanying video content, we collaborated with USW’s visual creative department and Learnium to review the selected content and adapt it into script form. 

The Result

Delivered on time, with all stakeholders impressed with the calibre of contributions, USW’s digital learning module is now ready for its worldwide launch. 

Rachael Rees-Jones commented, “throughout this process Linguakey were friendly, professional and responsive to our requirements. They turned around material quickly, and they communicated and collaborated with other members of our project team to make the course development process as efficient and effective as possible.”

At Linguakey, we help develop digital identities and connect your brand with the right audience through the power of content. Read more about our customer success stories, or get in touch with us today and start achieving your content marketing goals.

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