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Break into English-speaking markets

With over 1.5 billion people speaking English worldwide, breaking into the English-speaking market is one of the biggest opportunities for any brand. We are a copywriting and content marketing agency that employs native UK English speakers who can align your brand with English-speaking audiences around the world.

Expertly crafted content and copy

We create content that attracts, engages, and converts readers through compelling storytelling. Our services include SEO blog posts, case studies, thought leadership, ebooks, whitepapers, help centres, and more. We specialise in technology, blockchain, fintech, and SaaS, and our campaigns have helped many organisations successfully break into English-speaking markets.

International brands
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Trusted, local campaigns

Our copywriting campaigns include target audience research and take social, cultural and geographical elements into consideration. Get quality content delivered by those who know the language and culture best.

We support you to challenge, innovate, and disrupt

Three little words that can help unlock your content: challenge, innovate, disrupt. At Linguakey, we value ideas and people who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Our innovative campaigns, original strategies, and data-backed optimisations enable your business to disrupt established English-speaking markets.

What our international clients say

Social Media As A Service and Gambit Financial

Partnering with Social Media As A Service (SMAAS) to deliver a brand-building project for Belgian fintech Gambit, Linguakey delivered a series of successful SEO blog posts, thought leadership, and three target audience campaigns. 

Gambit now operates in 10 different countries. Julie Laurini, Gambit’s Marketing Manager, was delighted with our work, saying that: “working with Linguakey was perfect for us. The SEO articles were very well written and insightful, and the ebooks are a valuable part of our marketing. Great content and thank you for your good work as and Linguakey!”

You can read more about our Gambit project here.

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Bitoftrade decentralised cryptocurrency exchange

Bitoftrade, a cryptocurrency trading platform, needed to break into English-speaking markets to coincide with their launch. Linguakey produced educational blog posts, pillar posts, detailed how-to guides, and PR pieces to be published in digital crypto publications.

Their keywords increased from zero to 456 and organic traffic increased by 20% in only three months. Orianne Blum, bitoftrade’s PMO, said: “I have worked closely with Linguakey and it was an absolute pleasure. The team are all professional writers with great knowledge of SEO and marketing. Linguakey made our experience very easy, smooth, and fast! I highly recommend them if you need high-quality content!” 

For more on bitoftrade click here.

Mediatool B2B marketing SAAS platform

Aimed at brands and agencies, Mediatool provides up-to-date analytics that link campaigns with factors such as budget, outreach, and timescale. Managing Mediatool’s content marketing strategy, Linguakey delivered SEO website content, promotional thought leadership posts, ebooks, and product information pages.

We increased organic traffic by 175% over a 10-month period, with founder Alexander Högman’s thought leadership strategy receiving over 2,500 followers on Linkedin. Mediatool’s Marketing Manager, Michaella Fenton, said: “Linguakey massively improved our tone of voice and got our content exactly right. This is how we want all our content to be.”

Check out the full Mediatool campaign here.

Reach new markets and grow internationally with Linguakey

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We’re dedicated to delivering the best in copywriting and content marketing. Our authentic and highly accessible content attracts, engages, and converts audiences to help achieve business growth in English-speaking markets.

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